Stop Cory Heidelberger, the most liberal man in South Dakota

Raised: $934.00 Goal: $1,000.00

Cory Heidelberger, arguably the most liberal man in South Dakota, is running for office again - except its in a place where his reputation isn't known. After living out of state, he returned to South Dakota weeks ago, and has taken out petitions because he wants to be in charge. 

Heidelberger has a long track record in South Dakota - and he wants to make South Dakota into his version of a liberal paradise.

In recent years, Heidelberger's antics included:

* Supporting a felon for office who had been convicted of stealing from the elderly, and hadn't made full restitution. Why? - because the felon was a Democrat running against a Republican.

* Criticized the griving mother of murder/rape victim Becky O'Connell because of his opposition to the Death Penalty.

* And once called a commentary of her personal religious views by Congresswoman Kristi Noem as a "disgusting deflection."

Is this what we want in an elected official? WE DON'T THINK SO!    

Your donation of $50, $99, $250 or whatever you can send will help us reach our goal of raising $1000 for the incumbent City Commissioner, Laure Swanson, to help her deflect the liberal antics she can expect on the campaign trail from now through June.

Can Aberdeen afford to elect the most liberal Man in South Dakota? NO WAY! Let's help Laure Win - and let's kick off her campaign with $1000!


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