Let's Take Back the U.S. Senate and Turn Iowa Red

Raised: $7,315.98 Goal: $8,000.00


If NBC and CNN won't act as honest journalists, then let's ensure Republicans band together to protect our values. Please consider making a contribution below and helping us build a grassroots organization for our 2014 Republican candidates.

Despite the complete bias outlets like NBC and CNN are showing, the Iowa GOP is working around the clock to ensure we win elections in the 2014 cycle all across the state.

But we can't do it without your help.

Please support the GOP's efforts with a contribution of $15, $10 or even $5 below. As we gear up for this coming election cycle, help us send a loud and clear message that we want elected leaders who won't cater to Barack Obama, won't allow NBC and CNN to influence the election and won't play games with the livlihood of hardworking Iowans.


Republicans need to gain six seats to re-take the Senate in 2014. While some had previously thought Iowa to be a safe (D) seat, it's now In-Play! Let's do our part in Iowa. Help us reach our goal with a donation today!


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