Wind | Unique Artwork by Doxaart, LLC - Specifically For A La Source Refugee Ministry


For a suggested donation of $300.00 or more, The first person to donate the suggested amount will recieve the following unique artwork from Doxaart.com.


Created by Artist Bethany DeVries, this one of a kind watercolor will be a focal point in your home or office.

Watercolor. 12" x 16".

I imagined this girl. I was thinking about the strength of women, and how often it has been suppressed in this world.

She is both beautiful and strong,  and the wind in her veil reminds me of the Holy Spirit and how the Comforter shows so well through the compassion and consistent love of women over the centuries.

1 Painting Available

In our world many people struggle under the weight of oppression. They are often considered anonymous: the nameless statistics of disease, war and poverty. But they do have names: Okello, Elizabeth, Delise, Skobia, Catherine, Kevin, Christopher, Sanyu ... Each has value and dignity, and as God’s  fellow image-bearers, they possess infinite worth.
The friends I was privileged to meet during my trip to Uganda are not weak victims. I was humbled by their strength and capacity for joy despite oppressive circumstances.  Yet they remain trapped by ongoing war and corrupt government.
I believe that God gave me artistic talent so that I could use it for the sake of others.  I hope to show you the beautiful, resilient faces of my suffering friends.  Among them are children who have lost their families.  Some have only known war and are well acquainted with death.  For many, reality means no money for school fees, no consistent food or clothing, no medicine, and no future.
These pieces were created solely for the purpose of raising money for my young friends.  Proceeds from the sale of originals and prints will be donated to the various aid organizations that help the subjects of these paintings. ?Prints of these paintings will be made upon request. Contact nbethanyann@gmail.com for information.

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