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Dear Republicans,


As a supporter of the Republican Party, I want to personally thank you for your willingness to participate in our grassroots political process. Utah has a long history of electing strong, common-sense Republican leaders to office at every level, and your participation has demonstrated once again the proven way in which we determine who will serve as our Republican nominees.


However, the caucus/convention process we have used here in Utah since 1945 to select our Republican nominees has now been challenged. There is no evidence that changing the way we select our Republican nominees will be any more effective, but our democratic process allows those of differing opinions to voice their ideas.


In order to ensure our continuation as a strong and independent state Republican Party, we must be prudent and diversify our revenue streams. In the past, we have been able to cover the cost of Party members’ support, candidate support, and hosting the Utah Republican Party State Convention with the contributions of our State Party major donors and selling convention booths.


However, since the Count My Vote initiative, many of our past State Party major donors have been slow to donate or have chosen not to give at this time. The net result is that we must find new ways to make sure we live within our means and raise funds to pay for our Party’s important missions, ensuring predictable revenue streams for the future.


That is why I am turning to you. As a state delegate and leader in our Party, will you lead by example and make a $50 donation to the Utah Republican Party and become an Official Sustaining Member?


I hope I can count on you to do your part to make sure our Party remains strong by

sending your donation of $50 back to our State Party headquarters today. Maybe you can do more and send a donation of $100, $150, $250 or more. This will help cover the cost of those delegates who can’t afford it at this time. However, any donation would be helpful as we prepare for the real battle that is facing us in November.


Please give this your full consideration. I know this request is something new, but as

Republicans we should be comfortable taking on new challenges and implementing needed



Together we will move our Party forward and do our part to make sure great leaders are elected to public office! Thank you for your service.




James M. Evans


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