A 1974 law that was intended to clean up big money in politics has instead turned into a racket to protect incumbents and crush dissent.

We've seen that the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has one set of rules for well-connected Democrats who are "on the team," and another set of rules for people who have the audacity to run against them.

For Assemblyman Todd Gloria, D-San Diego, who transferred nearly $300,000 into a sham re-election committee so he could spend the money in support of his campaign for mayor, a fine of $200.

For former Governor Jerry Brown's top aide who failed to disclose a significant financial conflict-of-interest for three years straight, a fine of $300.

But for an Alameda County Superior Court judge whose treasurer failed to file duplicate campaign finance reports, a fine of $6,000.

And for me, Susan Shelley, a first-time state candidate in 2013 who was acknowledged by the FPPC to have "substantially complied" with the law and to have made a "good faith effort" in an all-volunteer campaign, a fine of $11,500 for mistakenly late-filed paperwork.

You can read the details of my case at www.ReformPoliticalReform.com, and also in my columns for the Orange County Register: here and here and here.

It is time to break the corrupt, one-party stranglehold on the election process for state and local offices in California and to stop the misuse of campaign finance laws to retaliate against political opponents.

We have a team of outstanding and impressive legal talent evaluating a constitutional challenge to state law and regulations to bring true political reform to California. Your support is critically important and greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Susan Shelley


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Legal info: Donations made here go to the Susan Shelley for Assembly 2014 campaign committee (FPPC ID #1355796), which is still open to pay lawyers working on this case. "GoFundMe" and similar types of fundraising are not permitted, according to the FPPC. Because this is a donation to a campaign committee, I am required by law to ask for your name, address, occupation and employer. (If retired, please list that as both an occupation and employer.) The contribution limit for individual donors is $8,200 ($4,100 for the June primary and $4,100 for the November general election). Contributions will be used to pay legal bills in connection with the FPPC case. Contributions in excess of legal limits will be returned. Please also note that as a journalist, I will return contributions that could create the appearance of a conflict of interest. Thank you.

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