Renée Yanta for Chief Justice!

For seven years, I was “all in” serving as a District Court Judge, entirely focused on being the best trial judge I could be, using my legal experience as a board certified civil appellate attorney as a foundation.  Those years were productive, challenging and heartwarming.  

But in 2018, I returned to the appellate practice that I have always loved.  I’ve been very blessed and very busy! 

When I learned our gracious Chief Justice Sandee Bryan Marion had decided to retire from the Fourth Court of Appeals, my first thought was how grateful I am to her.  The Chief has been a dedicated and brilliant jurist.  She has led in a gracious and kind way.  And she has been a mentor to so many of us.  

Over the next weeks, I was complimented by those who reached out and suggested I consider running for the open Chief Justice Bench.  But I did not jump at the opportunity.  I have spent months in reflection and prayer.  

In the end, I was inspired (again) by one of Maya Angelou’s wise comments:  “Whatever you want to do, if you want to be great at it, you have to live it and be able to make sacrifices for it.”  

My overarching desire is to serve.  

And the skills and experience with which I’ve been blessed—twenty seven years as a lawyer, seventeen years as a board certified appellate lawyer, seven years as a trial judge, thirty years of proven leadership experience and a deep love for the Rule of Law—uniquely equip me to serve as the Chief Justice.  

So, I am thrilled to announce I am a candidate for Chief Justice of the Fourth Court of Appeals.

I humbly ask for your support.


Former Judge Renée Yanta


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Pd. pol ad. of Renée Yanta for Chief Justice, Mario Vazquez, Treasurer, 4811 Betty Lou San Antonio, Texas  78229

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