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The Second Amendment is under a relentless attack--coordinated by the White House, and funded by Michael Bloomberg and other billionaires. Their falsehoods about guns and gun owners are disseminated as truth by their media enablers. Dave Kopel has been fighting them on the front lines.

In the days after Sandy Hook, Kopel's articles were published in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, New York Daily News, and Los Angeles Times. He has appeared repeatedly on PBS Newshour, CNN, CNBC, BBC, and more, debating gun confiscation extremists like Piers Morgan and Howard Dean.

When a federal court struck down Illinois's ban on carrying firearms for self-defense, the court cited Dave's scholarship. When the lawsuits are filed against the unconstitutional laws which are being enacted right now--such as New York's ban on magazines holding more than 7 rounds--Dave's amicus briefs will show the judges precisely how such laws harm public safety.

Wall Street Journal writer John Fund said that Dave has "single-handedly changed the gun debate in the United States." Please help Dave educate the American people, legislators, and judges about the truth about the Second Amendment.

Help us spread the life-saving facts about the right to arms: 

  • Gun bans and magazine bans don't disarm criminals, but they do prevent innocent people from protecting themselves. 
  • Pretend "gun free zones" are a deadly peril to everyone, especially schoolchildren, because they attract mass killers.
  • The real way to save lives is with laws for fewer guns in the hands of people who should not have them (especially, persons who are violently mentally ill), and more guns in the hands of people who should have them (especially, teachers and principals). 


Please help the Second Amendment Project at the Independence Institute fight for truth, safety, and freedom.

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