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RetakeOurGov is a Tea Party Group and a Political Action Committee.  Our mission is to support candidates who support our Constitution and our principles of liberty, limited government, free-markets, and economic freedom. We are a Multi-Candidate Independent PAC not affiliated with any candidate or candidate committee.  Our loyalty is to the Constitution of the United States, not to any candidate or political party.

Your contribution to RetakeOurGov PAC will be deployed in key electoral races where candidates have clearly shown disdain for our Constitution and its principles of limited government. Our mission is to remove from office any candidate who takes your rights and freedoms and transfers it to the unaccountable Washington bureaucracy.  To further this mission, members of our Tea Party group will assist by providing "boots on the ground" to oust these big government Washington elites and replace them with constitutional candidates.


TEA Party Group and Political Action Committee

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RetakeOurGov is a multi-candidate political action committee (PAC), not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.  RetakeOurGov is non-partisan and opposes candidates, regardless of party affiliation, that fail to support a limited role for government, as expressed in the Constitution of the United States.  RetakeOurGov may also endorse and support candidates who support our Constitution.

(Privacy policy: Your privacy is important to us.  Therefore, RetakeOurGov pledges not to sell, rent, or trade your email address, or any other personal information to any third party)