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Let's face it, the Middle East is in absolute chaos right now. Boku Haram has just pledged allegiance to ISIS, Iran is on the verge of having nuclear weapons, Palestine is steppung up pressure from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is no closer to wanting peace with Israel. To make matters worse, the political climate in Syria is boiling, ready to spill over at any moment, the situation in Iraq is getting worse and Egypt is still in the midst of extreme instability. 

Our friends in Israel are trapped it in the middle of it all. What does all of this mean for Israel and the Middle East? What is this all leading to and where is headed next? We aim to help answer these questions by sending our news crew to Israel next month. As you well know, we can no longer rely on mainstream media to give us the entire picture. It's now up to us to tell the story from the front lines. 

Eric OdomOur own Eric Odom will be leading the effort on the ground in Israel. Eric will be providing constant audio podcasts, video reports and news alerts during his time traveling Israel. On top of the important news flow, Eric will also be providing an educational and entertaining real time online journal of his visits to holy and historical sites. This will be a special campaign that you definitely do not want to miss!

The good news is it will all be available online. Of course, a project such as this comes at a cost. To help cover our costs and get Eric into Israel, we're running a fund and asking for your support. While some of the main reports will be published in a public manner, a lot of the more in-depth and personal content will be available exclusively for supporters of the campaign. 


Anyone who donates ANY amount will receive the following:

  • TWO high quality, paint safe reusable "Stand With Israel" ReSticker Bumper Stickers
  • FULL and exclusive early access to ALL reports and journals from Eric Odom as he travels through Israel

Again, you'll get full access plus the ReStickers for a gift of any amount to help us make this happen. So what are you waiting for? DONATE BELOW NOW!

(NOTE: You will be sent a link to set up your complimentary 30-day account for full access to the Israel reports during Eric’s trip.)

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