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In 2011 and 2012, we're going to put the weight of the Patriot Action Network, Liberty News Network, the Patriot Caucus and Grassfire.com behind an effort to ensure the patriot movement is fully informed as to what is happening in the battle ground states.

We're going to kick off the "reporting/informational" phase of this effort at the 2011 Iowa Straw Poll event. To get set up with our video team and get our bloggers ready to hit the ground, we've got to raise some quick funds and we're calling an all-hands-on-deck signal to make it happen.

Please take a moment and make a contribution to our effort to set-up shop across Iowa for our election reporting and action alert system. We need to raise $5,000 to fully initiate this campaign, and with your help we can most certainly make it happen.

Take a stand with our coalition and help us move forward for 2012! (Beginning July 5th, 2011, all patriots who contribute $25 or more will be listed here).

DONOR LIST *$25 and higher*: (Not real time... we will try to list you here within 24 hours of donation) Eric Odom $25, Max Lupton $25, Andrew Mandela $25, George Arnold $25, Lynda Roper $25, Michael Schulze $25, Lee Kline $25, Jach Tomoser $25, Joseph Howe $25, Leonard Bell $25, Jane Litchfield $25, Lynne Smith $25. James Moroz $25, James Linen $100, Thomas Kincaid $50, Clifton Mayo $25, Alan Odermann $25, Caryll Dziedziak $25, Edward Hooton Jr $25, Don Holtzmann $25, Julie Durett $500, Mary Jones $25, David Whipple $25, Keith Tozier $25, Robert Dean $25, Edward Sloan $100, Carol McCann $25, Diane Sicca $25, John DeLiberto $25, Gerald Leonard $25, lee Kline $25, Jackqulyn Bodenstedt $500, Lamarre Notargiacomo $25, 


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Your support for this campaign is not tax deductable. All support is payable to "Grassroots Action," an Iowa based network of movement minded patriots.

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