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EPA Abuse.com is dedicated to exposing the dangerous anti-business policies of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In addition, this site presents common sense and science-based rebuttals to the climate change alarmists who are fueling irrational public policy reactions to alleged “man-made” climate change or global warming.

This site has been created to be a key educational weapon in the battle to defeat the climate change alarmists and their socialist political agendas. The “environmental” movement is an aggressive tool used by watermelons (individuals who pretend to be “green,” but are actually red on the inside) to promote globalist and anti-capitalist objectives.

EPAAbuse.com is unapologetically pro-free enterprise and anti-socialist. We believe that the Environmental Protection Agency is being used by President Obama to destroy our free enterprise system and to reduce us to the status of a Third World nation.

The editor of EPAAbuse.com is Frank York, an investigative journalist and author who has worked for a variety of publications and conservative causes since 1964.

Please help us today. With your gift we will reach more people. We spend every dollar spreading our message of truth. And if you are concerned about the job killing bureaucrats at the EPA we ask you to join our cause.

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