August 2011 Fundraiser


We are fundraising to cover the ongoing costs of Moki's medical treatments. These costs currently include regular acupuncture treatments, x-rays, and leg braces. A friend of Moki's who is a vet tech in Las Vegas has agree to preform the x-rays free of charge at her hopsital. So we need to cover the cost of getting Moki from the California Bay Area to Las Vegas. While at the hospital in Vegas, Moki will also be seen by other specialists who work at the hospital. We hope that by placing braces on Moki's back legs we can help to retrain them and thereby allow Moki to walk better, but we need to get a closer look internally at his back legs, hence the need for x-rays, before we can attempt to place braces on them. This fundraiser is thus being held to cover the cost of a series of acupuncture treatments, a trip to the animal hospital in Las Vegas and for a set of leg braces.



$1940.00 Raised as of May 2nd
-$129.00 Acupuncture 4/29/2011
-$129.00 Acupuncture 5/6/2011
-$129.00 Acupuncture 5/20/2011
-$129.00 Acupuncture 6/3/2011
-$129.00 Acupuncture 6/17/2011
-$129.00 Acupuncture 7/1/2011
-$38.70 Comprehensive Examination Due To Bite Quarantine
-$855.00 Physical Rehabilitation Package – 10 Sessions
-$52.32 Health Checkup Due to Special Walking Vest

$219.98 Remaining Balance As of 7/25/11


If you are new to Moki's story and would like to learn more about Moki please watch the video below and then stop by either his blog at www.savemoki.blogspot.com, or his Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/TheWobblyCat to learn more about Moki and his neurological and orthopedic conditions...

For both our new supporters and those who have continued to support us, we thank you!

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From time to time we get asked about the qualifications of the people who treat Moki's and provide his complimentary and alternative medical treatments. All of the services Moki receives, including his acupuncture treatments and physical rehabilitation are preformed by or under the direct supervision of one or more licensed veterinarians...

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