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Your ongoing support is what makes our continued ministry possible, and will allow us to bring the Gospel, cutting-edge philosophy, and that which is true, good and beautiful into all manner of media throughout the world. Our fans have made us the most prominent Catholic apologetics presence on Facebook, and now it is time to bring the truth into other arenas in a very deliberate and powerful way. If funds permit, we intend to initiate video production for a (hopefully) massive viral presence on YouTube this year. Also in the planning stages is a multi-hour DVD catechetical series focusing on core issues of the Catholic faith such as original sin, redemption, the problem of evil, and human destiny as given to us in the Gospel.

If there are any questions on the details of future projects (there are many more projects in the works beyond the video production efforts we've described above), or if you would like to "earmark" your contribution for dedication towards a particular project of your choice, please email us at contact@newapologetics.com. Your gift is 100% tax-deductible.

Please prayerfully pledge a recurring monthly contribution of any amount and receive (as our gift to you) the highly-requested NewApologetics lapel pin:

The shield represents the defense of human dignity and destiny as given by God and infinitely exalted through the Gospel. The swords represent "goodness", "truth" and "beauty". The pursuit of these three things is common to all humanity, and our work in creating a "New" apologetics is to employ only that which is "true" (real and respectful of the real), "good" (desirable), and "beautiful" (self-authenticating in goodness when perceived) to lead others to the absolute maximal reality of truth, goodness and beauty (which is what we mean by "God").


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NewApologetics.com is a 501(c)3 organization. Donations are tax-deductible. Please send correspondence to NewApologetics.com 955 Massachusetts Avenue, #344 - Cambridge, MA 02139. Visit us online at www.NewApologetics.com

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