Raised: $5,091.00 Goal: $15,000.00


As the Democratic National Convention kicked off yesterday, we must ask ourselves are we better off now than we were four years ago?

How can you sitting at home make a difference?  

By supporting YOUR local Republican Party to fight back against the Democratic Regime!

By showing your financial support for the postage and cost affiliated with our Ballot Book, a direct mail piece that will go out to over 70,000 voters in Travis County. You will be helping spread the message of education and empowerment to over 50,000 Republican voting households across Travis County.

WE NEED your financial support to help with postage and printing expenses. Our goal is to raise $15,000 by the end of the Democratic Convention, and for the highest bidder a special prize, a One of a kind Cowboy Hat autographed by Michele Bachmann and worn at the Republican National Convention.  

 With a coordinated effort of phone banking, block walking, and this direct mail piece, the Travis County Republican Party has a plan in place to help every Republican Voter make an informed decision as well as get out and vote for every Republican Nominee down the ballot.

The Ballot Book will contain new interim congressional maps, state senatorial maps, the Precinct Boundaries, and of course the Ballot itself. Its purpose is to educate our Republican voters on everything that they need to know going into the voting booth for THIS election, which has been deemed one of the most important in our generation.

Last election cycle, we saw an increase of 16,000 straight ticket votes due to the Ballot Book, and we hope to surpass that number this November. 

But we can not do it without YOUR help!

We must fight back against the forced effort by the Democrats to undermine every aspect of our election process. So, when you see the Convention tonight, know that the Democrats are trying to Mess with Texas.

As Republicans WE MUST stand united and continue to fight for our individual rights, for The Great State of Texas, our Nominees and most of all for our American Freedom.  

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