Raised: $1,515.00 Goal: $10,000.00

Austin Victory!



We’re on the countdown to VICTORY in Travis County!  Help us rally across the finish line with our 10K in 10 days fundraiser.


Now we need to finish strong with our Targeted Get Out the Vote Operation which is a FIRST in Travis County


To update phone lists, make voter calls, support candidates in messaging, getting their message out to voters and be THE difference in getting the vote out for Travis County Republicans

Help your local Party NOW in making a donation for our 10K in 10 days.


Remember that NO funds ‘trickle’ down from any top of the ticket campaign or Party funds…we are totally on our own to support ALL our Republican Candidates on the ticket and we NEED YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT to finish strong!


Here is our plan for the final days:


1)    Targeted Get-Out-The-Vote Operation:  This has never before been done this extensively in Travis County. It is based on Karl Rove’s 72-hour plan he successfully employed in President Bush’s 2004 re-election. It involves cross-referencing Republican voter rolls with on-the-ground activity at the polls daily.  It is a sophisticated operation and has been proven to increase GOP turnout by up to 5% when employed effectively.  That could make all the difference in close local races!


2)    Coordination:  TCRP has never before had the opportunity and resources to fully coordinate with all our candidates and supplement their in-house efforts.  Strategic advice, media coordination, volunteer recruitment and organization, scheduling, and precinct-by-precinct research and organization – we are meeting our local candidates’ needs all from TCRP Headquarters!

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