No Baltimore County Tax Hikes in 2019! Help Us Mobilize Taxpayers!

County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. just announced that he wants to 1) hike the county income tax rate, 2) create a new cell phone tax, 3) a new development tax, 4) hike the existing hotel tax, 5) create a new cable tax, and just for good measure 6) shake down property owners for more property tax revenue on top of everything else.

These politicians are out of their minds!

How are we going to afford this?

You and I must send a message to our local elected officials that we OPPOSE their Tax-n-Spend plan for our community.

Please donate right now to help us mobilize public opposition to this tax hike tsunami.

Any amount of money you can donate to the cause helps us connect with MORE taxpayers in Baltimore County who we are sure will be outraged by these proposals.

For Liberty,

Mark Baskervill


Maryland Campaign for Liberty

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