Michael Williams - headshotIs growing our Republican Party WITHOUT compromising our conservative principles important to you?

I am running for the United States Senate in Texas to renew and revitalize America by rallying Americans around conservative solutions that promise greater liberty, opportunity, prosperity and community.

Will you help me begin our renewal of America today with an online contribution of at least $10 to my campaign for U.S. Senate? Our goal is to raise $10,000 online by May 31.

You can also help us reach this goal by forwarding this to 5 of your friends using And please consider making your gift recurring each month by checking the appropriate box.

Join our fast growing community of supporters who are making micro-donations. These small donations add up. When you give what you can - right now, today - and join hundreds and thousands of others who do the same, you create the same kind of powerful force for change that used to be reserved for those making the largest donations.

Why should you support me?

  • I can win the seat and keep it in Republican hands. I have been elected statewide three times. No other candidate in the race can make this claim.
  • The grassroots activists in Texas are strongly behind me. Our campaign has amassed an unmatched statewide network of leaders in over 100 counties and thousands of volunteers ready to help me win the Special Election. No other candidate can claim such a following.
  • As just about any Texan will tell you, I have an ability to rally and inspire conservatives into action, which will be vital to motivate our voters to get out our vote in a Special Election. No other candidate has this ability.
  • I can help grow our party in a time when we need it, and can do so while simultaneously reinforcing our conservative ideals, without compromise. No other candidate can do this.

We are running a campaign with a positive, uplifting vision for the future. In the Midland County District Attorney's Office, in President Reagan and Bush 41's Administrations and as a statewide elected official, I have a proven record as a consistent, courageous conservative who will fight for our values.

Will you help with your online contribution today? Our goal is aggressive and time is short, but we can do it!

  • No amount is too small
  • Make your contribution recurring each month
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If you want to know more about me, log on to http://www.WilliamsForTexas.com. Watch my videos, read my bio, learn where I stand on the issues.

Here is one video in particular, you may enjoy: my remarks to the 2008 Republican Party of Texas State Convention:

Thank you!

Michael Williams

P.S. Email me your thoughts at michael@williamsfortexas.com and follow me on Twitter. I’m @MichaelWilliams. Thanks.

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