Stop Liberal Environmentalists!

     I agree!

     Liberal environmentalism is a threat to our economy, our national security, our freedom and our lives.


     And Americans for a Better Economy is the MOST effective grassroots-powered opponent of liberal environmentalism.

     Thanks to the signed petitions, and generous donations, of ABE supporters, ABE helped force Congress to take recorded votes on:

     > Stopping Obama's WOTUS land grab

     > Shutting down Obama's Cap and Kill scheme to shut down power plants, and

      > Passing the REINS Act -- which strips federal bureaucrats of their power to invent and enforce their own radical rules against the will of Congress.  

    ABE now hard at work in 2017. We can rip out the heart of liberalism's regulatory schemes by passing the REINS Act.  

   We're also working hard to repeal WOTUS, restore American coal, repeal anti-fracking rules and get America OUT of the liberal green UN!

     Liberal environmentalists, and their puppets in Congress and in the federal bureaucracy MUST be stopped from carrying out their agenda.

     ABE is powerful and effective because it is -- truly -- a grassroots-powered opponent of liberalism.

     Unlike our liberal green enemies, ABE receives no taxpayer funding.

     ABE also does not receive funding from any oil company or major corporation.

     ABE is funded entirely by grassroots conservatives like me -- giving to us at $5, $10, $25, $50 or even $100 at a time.

     To help ABE continue to battle, and defeat, liberal environmentalists, I am making my best gift of:

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