Northam: Wrong For Virginia - Jackson for Lt. Governor


Yesterday Virginia Democrats nominated the most liberal ticket in Virginia's history, giving Terry McAuliffe his running mates: Ralph Northam for Lt. Governor and Mark Herring for Attorney General. The differences between their ticket and ours of Ken Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson and Mark Obenshain could not be more stark.

We now know who we'll be facing in November and it's worse that you'd expect. Just this year:

Ralph Northam voted AGAINST Parental Choice in Education and Sen. Mark Obenshain's efforts to amend Virginia's constitution to expand charter schools in Virginia

Ralph Northam voted AGAINST Virginia workers and defeated an amendment to ensure Virginia remains a Right To Work state

Ralph Northam voted AGAINST Virginia taxpayers and supported the largest tax increase in the Commonwealth's history

Ralph Northam has a record of voting AGAINST Virginia families and businesses at a time when we need leadership that is focused on improving education, strengthening our economy, and finding real solutions that limit the size and scope of government.

Join us today as we fight to bring YOUR voice to Richmond and stand up against government overreach and excess! 

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