Help O'Malley Get a Clue



You've probably heard that Martin O'Malley's friend and political ally, Richard Stewart, whom the Governor entrusted to serve on his Redistricting Advisory Committee and the Maryland Stadium Authority, has pled guilty to $4 million in tax fraud.

What you may not know is that Stewart was socking away all of that extra money in part so that he could give it to powerful Democrat politicians.

In fact, Stewart stole so much money (while the Governor extolled him as a public servant, remember) that he was able to write BIG checks to the likes of Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, and Barack Obama.

While the largest contributions went to Governor O'Malley himself ($7,000 total), Stewart's average donation per Democrat was $1,525.63: nearly three times the average weekly income of a Prince George’s County resident.

Today, the MDGOP needs you to help us raise $1,525.63.

In "honor" of Richard Stewart, we're asking each of you to give as much as you can afford to help us reach $1,525.63. And then we're going to let Governor O'Malley know exactly how many of us everyday Marylanders it took to raise the amount that Richard Stewart shelled out "on average" to curry favor with liberal politicians in our state.

Please contribute today to the Maryland Republican Party. Whatever you can afford: $10, $25, $50, $150. Anything that will help us get to our goal of $1,525.63.

How many of us will it take to get to $1,525.63, an amount that O'Malley's crony gave out like candy? We'll let you know on Facebook, and we'll let Governor O'Malley know by sending an official MDGOP courier to the Governor's Mansion to share the number with him as well.

Let's join together to show Governor O'Malley that while unemployment persists and local businesses are shuttering, he needs to do better than to appoint a dishonest, free-spending thief as a so-called public servant. Maryland deserves better, and those Democrat politicians Richard Stewart lavished with cash don't deserve a thing.

Gov. O'Malley was described by The Washington Times as "clueless" about Stewart's crimes. You can help us clue him in.

Click here and contribute today to help us combat Stewart's slush fund. Follow the MDGOP on Twitter to learn which Democrat politicians reject his tainted money (so far, only Congressman Elijah Cummings has). Maybe we'll uncover a few more crooks this week while we're at it...

In freedom,
David Ferguson

Executive Director,
Maryland Republican Party

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