What If We Win Pre-recorded Webinar

Dear Patriot,

Did your candidate win in 2016? Or are you running full steam ahead toward the November election expecting a big victory?

I know right now you might be thinking solely about Election Day at the moment, but great leaders have vision and look beyond November.

What if you do win? Do you have a plan following the election?

That's why Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership is offerin our pre-recorded What If We Win Webinar...to answer those questions!

If you are in the middle of the campaign, you are probably too busy to think about the fact that elected officials are considered experts and people will ask your advice on a number of issues.

In this webinar we'll discuss:

* Staffing your first-time champion's office
* What your inside leader will be up against starting out
* What you should do for your new champion
* What they should do for you
* And much more!

Effective leaders plan, prepare, act and evaluate.

And that includes taking office. If you don’t plan, prepare, act and evaluate, you are leaving this to the political establishment, bureaucracy and lobbyist…the very people you probably ran against!

This is a complicated list, but an important one that we want to help you navigate.

If you want to prepare for victory, you will want to make time for this webinar, as we help you do just that!

Scroll down to  purchase access to our What If We Win Pre-recorded Webinar. 

Who Should Attend

Candidates, their spouses, high level campaign leaders, people who are thinking of working on the staff...essentially, anyone who cares about what happens after a victory!

Even if you are not currently involved in a campaign, you don't want to miss this webinar.

It's likely that, as an activist, you will be involved in a future campaign or be a valuable mentor to someone that is!

Purchase your access to our What If We Win Pre-recorded Webinar NOW by filling out the form below.

The Cost of Not Attending

I have seen many good people elected to office and get caught up in the “spin cycle” of the political establishment. They are sent to briefings and told, “your job is to raise taxes and spend money.”

Unfortunately too many people actually believe this, because they have no one around them to say, “no.”

If your campaign team isn't prepared to help transition once you win, you could be the next victim!

Campaigns are hard enough to win.

Don’t do all that hard work, only to let your victory be snatched away!

Purchase your access NOW for our What If We Win Pre-recorded Webinar by completing the form below.

For Liberty,
Kirk Shelley
Senior Advisor and Instructor

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