Take Over the Town Hall Pre-recorded Webinar

Dear Patriot,

Politicians want to appear to be “listening” to the concerns of their constituents.

One way they routinely do this is by holding public town hall events in their home districts, where constituents get to ask questions for their politicians to answer.

Lately, many of these town halls have backfired as Leftist protesters flood these public events of their Congressmen and demand the continuation of Obamacare.

They have been effective as Obamacare still hasn’t been repealed.

Fortunately, you can harness this form of town hall activism and use it to demand more liberty.

Whether it’s your Congressman, or your state, county, or city rep, you can turn their town hall event into a major source of pro-liberty backlash that will improve your political environment.

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Our instructor for this webinar presentation is Dave Pridgeon.

Dave is a seasoned activist from Maryland who has himself staged protests and heckled elected officials at town halls.

Our instructors have walked the walk and have worked on the front lines of the liberty movement.

Learn from Dave what you can do in your community to make a difference and use town hall events to your political advantage.

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Good press is a source of political pleasure for a politician, and town hall meetings are held as a source of good press for the politician.

However, you can use these town hall events to draw the public eye to their damaging votes and weak stances on issues.

If done properly, the press will focus attention on the pressure you and your group generate.

When you can replace the political pleasure of good press with the political pain of bad press, your politician will become more fearful of your group and more respectful of your policy goals.

Let us teach you the mecahnics of Taking Over the Town Hall.

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For Liberty,
Kirk Shelley
Senior Advisor and Instructor

P.S. Town hall protests are making a comeback in Leftist activist circles, and they are working.

Learn how you can harness this tactic and execute it properly for the benefit of liberty.

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