Property Rights Case Study Pre-recorded Webinar

Dear Friends,

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This is a case study presentation with Bob Willick, State Coordinator for Maryland Campaign for Liberty. Activists in Maryland thwarted a government attempt to force Section 8 Housing mandates on one of the biggest counties in the state.

Bob and his team not only defeated the proposal, they raised money, built lists, inflicted political pain and paved the way for a brewing state fight in 2017.

On this pre-recorded webinar, Bob shows you his copy, his ads, his Red Fox Four analysis, and much more so that you can get an in-depth look at this fight.

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You’ll be able to see what worked and how you can replicate this in your neck of the woods.

It’s one thing to talk about theory.

It’s quite another to talk about application. That’s what this special pre-recorded webinar presentation is all about.

This is where the rubber meets the road. And let’s face it – it’s often a lot easier to learn and grasp concepts when it’s presented in the context of a real-life example.

This case study totally encapsulates what we want to accomplish when we take on issue fights, and it’s also an example of what you can achieve when you pick the right fight.

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On this pre-recorded webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to get all the details on this fight, kick the tires, and see the nuts and bolts of serious activism from the inside.

In this webinar we covered:
  • Use of Facebook Ads for Mobilizing
  • Email Marketing
  • Robocalls
  • Five Column Analysis
  • Red Fox Four
  • Online Fundraising
  • And Much More!
All of this is explained in the context of this fight.

And if Bob achieved this kind of success with his team in deep blue Maryland, imagine what can we achieve in our own states by using the same tactics!

Right now is a time for evaluation and reflection. Don't wait too long to start thinking about how you can improve or you’ll already be behind.

The time to evaluate and plan is right now.

Take this opportunity to listen in on a recent case study, compare it to what you’ve been up to recently, and see if you can come up with some things you can be working on to be better and more successful as a liberty activist.

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For Liberty,
Kirk Shelley
Senior Advisor and Instructor

P.S. I’ve known Bob Willick for a long time, he’s a tremendous activist that has worked at the local and state level on issue fights as well as political campaigns.

The man is a wealth of knowledge and he doesn’t just talk the talk.

He’s out there every day walking the walk as an activist, mentoring others and honing his skills to mobilize more and more of his fellow citizens in Maryland toward the cause for liberty.

To have the opportunity to listen to Bob is truly a treat --- don’t miss this opportunity.

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