Outside Operations Pre-recorded Webinar


Ever lost a close vote in the legislature?

Or thought you had it "in the bag" only to find out some politicians double-crossed you at the last minute?

There's a tool that makes the process of vote counting on your bill so much easier.

Enter Five Column Analysis.

You might remember this from a recent Foundation training that you attended.

Put simply: using this tool is how you go from a huge, overwhelming pile of politicians to targeting a small number of key legislators that you focus almost all of your time pressuring.

Five Column Analysis is all about being EFFICIENT with the who and the how of pressuring politicians on issues.

We can know, before a legislative fight heats up, what the vote count is looking like on our bill.

That's why Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership is making available our Outside Operations Pre-recorded Webinar.

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We're not just going to go over the Five Column Analysis tool and how to rate politicians, but we'll also show you REAL LIFE examples where this tool was used on big fights.

No other group out there is offering this kind of comprehensive support for activists.

When you train with us and use the tools we teach -- YOU. GET. RESULTS.

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There's no better time than RIGHT NOW to veiw this webinar.


Legislative season is always right around the corner, if not already in session.

If you're someone who is going to be pressuring your:
  • State Legislature
  • County Council
  • State Party Committee
  • Or School Board

Dozens of state legislatures are going full steam ahead to rob you of your rights.

Even local government bodies like school boards and town councils are scheming around the clock to pass Constitution-shredding ordinances at your expense.

We need to be ready, and you need to get your Five Column Analysis done on your issue ASAP if you want to be effective and efficient as a freedom fighter.

Let us help you.

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For Liberty,
Kirk Shelley
Senior Advisor and Instructor

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