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As you may know, I always teach that any good petition is connected to a donation page that directly relates to the petition.

If someone is weird enough (in a good way) to sign your petition, they might be weird enough (in a good way) to make a contribution to your group based on the issue they care about.

Maybe you’re running robocalls, Facebook ads, sending mass mailers, or using other mass communication to kill a bad bill or deliver pain to a legislator who voted wrong.

People see your effort, and they love what you’re doing for them.

They understand the advertising costs involved, and they want to make sure you have the funds to keep doubling down on the pressure.

So why should you deny them an opportunity to invest in their own freedom simply because you didn’t connect them to a custom donate page?

Have you ever built customized donation pages for different issues or marketing campaigns?

I have, and I'd like to train you on how to do this for your own group or cause.

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If you're not raising money online and giving people opportunities to financially support your cause...

...then you're missing out on a massive opportunity to fuel political pain delivery and become even more feared and respected by the political class.

In this webinar, we'll talk about:
  • Types of online donation platforms
  • Tips for designing your own donation pages
  • Disclaimers required for legal compliance
  • Tracking page performance
  • Real life examples of donation pages and performance
  • How this all fits together with everything else you're doing
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I won't lie to you, building the component you need to be effective isn't always fun or easy. There are a lot of things I'd rather do with my time than build custom donation pages for issue campaigns.

But as a leader, I know that these technical pieces bring the puzzle together and ultimately make it possible to win big fights where a lot of liberty is at stake.

Many of you are doing great things at the local level and in your states -- you're advancing to the next level in implementing the confrontational model.

There are plenty of patriots who will see your impact and want to invest in the cause.

So we want to meet you where you are and continue to help you advance more elaborate versions of the model as you grow your groups.

When you make it easy for people to invest in liberty, more of them will.
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For Liberty,
Kirk Shelley
Senior Advisor and Instructor

P.S. Raising money effectively is critical if you want to control the political environment in your area.

We'll show you the nuts and bolts of online fundraising, and we’ll show you some real world examples that our Foundation graduates have put into action!

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