Graphic Design Pre-recorded Webinar

Dear Friends,

Politics is a numbers game. Serious political operators must see themselves as marketers.

You are constantly selling your ideas, your group, your candidate, and your cause to get folks off the bleachers and onto the field. We’re constantly trying to move folks from being names on a voter file or on a list to supporters, volunteers, donors, or real leaders for our project.

Foundational to being a political marketer, is designing graphics and visuals that capture the attention of the viewer and get them to click or take action on your offer.

You’ve got to design:
  • Click banners for emails
  • Landing Pages
  • Donation Pages
  • Facebook memes
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Flyers
  • Postcards or Slicks
  • Website Buttons
  • And the list goes on and on!

To help you on this path, we’re making available our Pre-recorded Graphic Design Webinar. Fill out the form below to purchase.

Bob Willick, State Coordinator with Maryland Campaign for Liberty, will discuss design of Facebook graphics, email banners, flyers, postcards, and more.

He’s not just going to talk with you about best practices; he’s going to show you actual ads and graphics as well as how he designed them.

And Bob Willick was no graphic design expert starting out; he runs his own electrical contracting business.

But as a liberty leader, Bob knew that he had to figure out innovative ways to start communicating his ideas to people to get them mobilized.

Very quickly, Bob started using easy tools to make simple graphics that produced results in political fights in which he and his team engaged.

Bob will be sharing with you what he’s learned along the way and show you just how doable all of this is for the citizen activist.

Scroll down to complete the form below, and purchase this pre-recorded webinar.

Bob Willick has designed ads for gun fights, tax fights – you name it, he’s probably done it.

And he has made mistakes along the way, but there is one thing Bob will cover over and over on the webinar:

       Marketers always 1) try and 2) test.

You must be willing to try new things or ask the question, “Could doing it like this work?”

The answer is, “You don’t know unless you try.”

Political marketers test things and see what works, tweaking their work over time to yield better and better results for the causes they support.

On this pre-recorded webinar, we delve into the visual side of all of this and help those of you who are budding citizen graphic designers start to really break your marketing loose in 2017 to identify more supporters and raise more money – without having to be, or hire, a “professional” graphic designer.

For Liberty,
Kirk Shelley 
Senior Advisor and Instructor

P.S. If you aren’t the one with graphic design or technical skills in your group you have two options:
  • Learn it yourself or --
  • Find someone to do it
Either way, someone from your group should be on this webinar if only to learn what you need to learn when we talk about designing political graphics.

Remember, all of our communication and graphics are geared toward getting folks to take action, whether that is to donate money, sign a petition, or make a call to a legislator.

As a liberty leader, you can’t afford not to take this seriously.

So please fill out the form below and purchase our Pre-recorded Graphic Design Webinar; you won’t regret that you did.

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