Americans Win When #WomenWork


Are you ready for the real work to begin? Independent Women's Forum's entire purpose is to create a better, stronger, more prosperous society that will enable more Americans to live out their dreams. Today, more than ever, we have the potential to take a giant leap forward in bringing that vision to life. We know that our vision resonates with women. We know that Americans win when #WomenWork.

#WomenWork when they support free-market principles.  

#WomenWork more and better with more autonomy to make decisions for themselves and their loved ones.  

#WomenWork as doctors, lawyers, teachers, travelers, engineers, business owners, athletes, journalists, computer programmers, judges, moms, and more. 

#WomenWork better with IWF - whether that is in or out of the home. At work, IWF policy solutions give women more opportunities and at home IWF policies give women more choices. 

Please consider making a special year-end, tax-deductible contribution to IWF TODAY so we can continue to advance our mission to have women everywhere understand how their lives can be better if we restore our country more fully to our founding ideals and right-sized government.

Empower more women by giving your year-end gift TODAY. Together we can make a statement about how conservatives and libertarians need to address women thoughtfully and respectfully in 2017.  

Thank you for recognizing this need – we are grateful for your support!

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