Stolen Choices Documentary


Welcome to Stolen Choices, a documentary on the election integrity crisis.  Stolen Choices tells how long election corruption has been going on in our country, who’s been doing it, how they’ve been doing it, and what we can do to stop it. Your donations help EIP-CA/EIPNv pay for voter registration lists, data analysts and attorneys to fight for these cases. Your donation is tax deductable. EIPNv is a wholly owned LLC of EIP-Ca a 501(c)3. Watch the trailer at this link: https://youtu.be/K8Dm2RUu4eY

Stolen Choices will be featured in a Labor Day Telethon (Monday September 7 from 9am to 9pm) on the AUN-TV network. You can view the Telethon on the following stations:

K03HY  Channel 17.10, San Francisco, CA, 
KTVJ     Channel 12.10, San Rafael/Marin/North Bay, 
KQRO  Channel 45.10 San Jose/Silicon Valley, CA 
KUKR    Channel 27.10 Santa Rosa, CA, 
KRDT    Channel 23.10 Redding, CA, 
K11VZ  Channel 11.10, Chico, CA, 
KKPM   Channel 28.10, Sacramento/Chico, CA, 
KQSL   Channel 8.10,  FORT BRAGG CA
KFTY   Channel 45.10 Napa Valley CA

Please donate a gift of $25 or more to get a private link to Stolen Choices a documentary about the election integrity crisis. Help us raise money pay legal fees to stop AB4 in state court, and pay analysts to find the problems in our voter registration rolls!Your donations are tax deductible. You can also save us the credit card processing fees by mailing your donation to Election Integrity Project Nevada (EIPNv) at PO Box 33058 Reno, NV 89533.

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